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What is the Recommended Frequency of Lawn Care Service?

What is the Recommended Frequency of Lawn Care Service

At AMS Landscaping we get this questions a lot: What is the recommended frequency of lawn care service? The answer to that question really depends on you, the customer.

Although when you have turf growing, it will need to be mowed either weekly or every two weeks. Many homeowners are doing away with turf and grass for low water use and low maintenance.

With that said, many of our clients have no grass of any kind and to save on cost we recommend servicing the grounds and property every four weeks throughout the year for a flat monthly fee. This keeps the leaves picked up monthly and keeps the new plant and tree growth under control the entire year so there is no large cleanup needed.

We also keep an eye on the irrigation system by adjusting it for more water in the Summer and less in the Winter months. We also recognize stressed plants and check for leaks that may occur between visits to your home or office.

Some of our customer also like to just have a “will-call” service done as needed every 2­-3 months to cleanup and trim all plants and trees, cleanup all leaves, cut down and spray all weeds to leave a property completely groomed and looking clean from top to bottom leaving no shrub or tree untouched.

What is included in regular service?

AMS Landscaping has systemized our service program to maintain all customer in the same fashion as closely as possible to minimize inconsistency throughout the company. All properties maintained on a weekly, 2-week, or 4-week program are blocked off like this:

Trimming and grooming a section of plants and trees up to 8 feet in height each visit.

  1. All plants and trees up to 8 feet, even if the tree is much tall we will keep it canopied up to 8 feet in order to walk under it with only a few exceptions (citrus or branches larger than 3” in diameter).
  2. A section of the yard is usually focused on each visit, usually about 25-­35% of the plants and trees so that not every plant and/or tree is trimmed each service.
  3. When plants or trees need cut back severely there can be additional fees if it’s more than the light grooming that leaves the shrub shaped naturally and left green in color.
  4. Cactus and succulents are separate.

Cutting down and spraying all weeds with Glyphosate in non-­grass areas to kill weeds to the root.

Weeds usually take about 7 days to die to the root and will shrivel up and dissipate quickly and is more effective than pulling weeds with tools that do not remove all roots.

  • ­Blow and cleaning up all leaves and landscaping debris.
  • Mowing and edging all turf areas.
  • Raking high traffic areas and mower tracks.
  • Check and adjust the sprinkler/irrigation system for leaks or seasonal adjustment.
  • Haul away all landscaping debris created by the service.

Exceptions apply when large branches or trees fall and there is excessive debris to

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