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It’s Time For Yard Clean Up In Phoenix!

Spring Yard Clean Up in Phoenix

Many good things start in March; new planting is a great time with the warmer temperatures. Aeration of turf areas can be started this month to loosen up the soil in order for the ground to breathe and absorb water more efficiently. Turf fertilizer to start up the summer grass to grow since it has been dormant for the cooler months.  It’s time for yard clean up in Phoenix!  The condition and appearance of your yard is very important to us.

AMS Landscaping is ready for the Spring Cleaning season to ensure your lawn maintains a lush green appearance, remains weed free, and to make your lawn the best looking lawn in the neighborhood.

  • Tree trimming and plant pruning
  • Cut and edge grass to maintain a clean finished look
  • Regular fertilization as needed to maintain a lush green appearance
  • Pre-emergent weed control services
  • Thatching, Aeration and gypsum applications to reduce watering

Since 1969, AMS Landscaping has serviced residential and commercial properties in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and throughout the valley. Whether you need landscape maintenance or installation, you can be sure that AMS will always deliver the quality results at the great price that has kept their clients happy for over four decades.

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