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Does Your Lawn Care Company Have Insurance?

Does Your Lawn Care Company Have Insurance? You Have The Right To Ask And To Know.

Why it’s important for Phoenix homeowners to make sure their landscaper or lawn care company carries Business Liability Insurance & Workers Compensation Insurance. Business liability insurance protects the homeowner from any damages to property or any bodily injury that has occurred by the landscaper and their employees. Many policies cover up to $1,000,000 of liability coverage to protect the homeowner and business owner. The homeowner can be assured the claim will be paid and the business owner can be assured that the claim will not affect their business. Many large claims would not be able to be paid by a small landscape company if a rock flew out and damaged expensive property or even worse if someone gets hurt.

Workers compensation insurance is highly underrated but is very important for the homeowner. These polices cover the employee of the landscaper and lawn care company if they were to get hurt while onsite providing work for the homeowner. Without this policy the homeowner can be found financially liable if there is a major claim or injury while onsite. The employee gets quick access to the coverage so that they can quickly treat any injuries. When they create the claim they will sign paperwork nullifying them the ability to sue the homeowner and business owner. This insurance is also great for the employee so they can take time off and get paid if the injury is bad enough that they require time off. These insurance policies are important and you should make sure your landscaper or lawn care company has these policies and can send you proof of this upon your request.

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