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Lawn Care Tips for First-Time Phoenix Homeowners

Are you new to the area? Did you just buy a new home? New homeowners face many challenges in managing their own lawn and landscaping.  Please watch my video to learn easy lawn care tips for first-time Phoenix homeowners

We recommend servicing at least every 2 weeks where there is turf. If there is no turf we recommend service every 4 weeks at minimum to keep the property maintained without having to pay for a cleanup every few months. This is best to keep weeds under control, cleanup leaves, and trim a section of plants and trees up to 8 feet to maintain all plant material at least every 6-12 weeks depending on the season. We also check and adjust the sprinklers and drip system so that there are no leaks and to make sure that we are watering lighter in the winter and heavier in the summer months. Four week service is the most cost effective way to handle the property and even if the property has turf we have clients that will want to mow themselves and we handle the rest of the property.

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