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Landscaping Tips and Hardscape Maintenance for Phoenix, AZ

The Arizona Landscape Contractors’ Association has developed HOA lawn and landscape tips and welcomes you to share them with your HOA Boards and Community Managers. We hope you find the information about hardscape maintenance helpful for Phoenix, AZ.

You’ve just completed your dream landscaping project and come outside to enjoy your new patio when you notice a white powdery residue developing on the beautiful pavers.  Say hello to efflorescence! Efflorescence occurs during the hardening of concrete and from the weathering of hardened concrete. It is most obvious in cooler months or after a heavy rain. Read below to learn more about why this develops and how you can deal with it once it is on your beautiful patio.

Efflorescence: What is it and what makes it appear?

· It is caused by moisture drawing mineral salts from or through your hardscape and then evaporating, leaving salt deposits behind.

What are possible solutions?

· When picking your product, ask your licensed hardscape contractor to recommend products with the least soluble salts.
· Efflorescence can be removed with a stiff dry brush soon after appearing (minerals should be removed with a vacuum from the area).
· Use products specifically designed for efflorescence removal on paver materials- ask your building supplies distributor which product is best suited for your site.
· The controlled application of diluted acids may be used but these may change the texture and color of concrete- use with caution.
· Seal the concrete or pavers with a professional product to help prevent further efflorescence in the future.

You can clean the residue, but until the material is completely dry, a process which may take anywhere from a few days to several months, the problem will likely reappear. Your best bet to reduce efflorescence is to have your licensed contractor properly clean and seal after your hardscape is installed and periodically thereafter.

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