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Prepare Your Lawn For Monsoon Season

Are you ready for the monsoon season?  It has been extremely hot here in Phoenix, AZ and monsoons could be just around the corner.  With a little help from AMS Landscaping, learn how to prepare your lawn for monsoon season.

It you can’t see through the branches of your trees there is a good chance that the winds can damage them or even uproot the tree completely.  It is always less costly to maintain trees to keep them healthy and prevent damage to them over the cost of having them removed after falling down from a storm that could have been prevented with annual maintenance to your trees.  Trees are valuable for shade and the cost to replace a mature tree is very expensive.  Many homes are purchased just due to the size and maturity of trees in Phoenix because of the great shade they provide in our hot summers.

Send me a picture of your tree or trees to eli@azlawns.com and I can even ball-park a price for you with pictures.

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