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Why Does My Phoenix Summer Lawn Look So Bad?

Why Does My Phoenix Summer Lawn Look So Bad?

Does your Summer lawn look terrible this summer? You’re not alone! If you planted winter rye (overseed) last October, then there is a good chance you are dealing with the same issues many of our lawn care customers have been dealing with this summer. The cooler evenings we had in May and June and the fact that suppliers of rye seed are always looking for ways to make the rye grass last longer throughout the year, the rye grass managed to stay alive late in the season.

This is a problem because the humidity that hit in July killed off the last of the winter rye overnight and made many summer lawns looks terrible very quickly. Normally we would recommend thatching the dead grass out to decrease the yellowing section of the turf and seed it with Bermuda seed.

However, because we are only 9 weeks away from overseeding this October, it may be a bad time to seed. One alternative is to use a fertilizer dye that can be applied to the dead areas if you have an urgency to have the lawn look green quickly. We can also sod those trouble spots for quick results and instant beauty as well.  Also, check out our vendor’s blog that talks about the very same thing: https://www.evergreenturf.com/lawn-care/spring-transition.php

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