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Landscape Tips for Adding Rock to Bare Areas in Phoenix

Landscape Tips for Adding Rock to Bare Areas in Phoenix

This video is of a client that wanted to add some 1/4″ rock to his bare areas since the granite areas are getting thin. The rock we are using is 1/4″ washed rock.

First, you will want to make sure you have the correct rock. Simply take a shovel full amount of rock inside a bag to the rock yard to make sure you match the correct size and color. You must also understand that rock does not always match after the granite has been mined over the years. You will either need to do the whole yard or order extra rock to blend the new rock into the areas that do not need rock for the purposes of mixing in the rock a little bit for blending purposes.

Here are the locations of Pioneer Sand and Rock around the Phoenix area:

Pioneer Sand | Retail Locations

We started this work with prepping the area on the edges of the sidewalks and concrete areas so that the grade is lowered by about a shovels width and about 1″ deep so rock does not start to spread over the sidewalks. Sometime the area that needs the rock or granite is already much lower than the pathways or concrete walks, so in those cases you will not need to lower the grade.

Make sure that you spread the rock as evenly as possible and rake it over nice and even throughout. Cleanup the pathways and you will have a beautiful finished result.

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