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Why Is My Lawn So Patchy In June?

Have you ever wondered why your lawn is so patchy in June when most Bermuda Grass has already started growing strong? In shaded areas we usually get late season transition which is when the winter rye grass that was planted last fall grows into June. Shaded areas help this grass last longer but once daytime temps hit 100 it’s tough for it to survive even in the shade. Therefore, after many other parts of the yard have completed this transition you may get late season switch in these shaded areas.

We recommend doubling the water for a week or two in order to stimulate the Bermuda Grass. However, sometimes Bermuda Grass has trouble growing in these areas, so it maybe a good time to plant new seed. Thatching also helps and is optimal when planting new seed and removing existing dead grass for the new growth to come in.

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