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Aleppo Pines Make Great Shade Trees For Phoenix

Are you finding it difficult to find great shade trees for Phoenix? Are you looking for one that will get very tall and tower over your property for the very best shade in Phoenix? Do you want a species of tree that is native to our desert?  The Aleppo Pine Tree is just that.  These trees get up to 80 feet tall!  There is no better example than on Pinchot Avenue between 26th and 28th Street in Phoenix.  Pinchot is just one block north of Thomas off of 26th Street and you can drive through to see a great example of a street that is covered in shade from these wonderful trees in our Arizona desert.

Aleppo Pines are native to the Mediterranean (got its name from the City of Aleppo in Syria) and have a hardiness climate zone between 9-11 which makes them very frost tolerant. The botanical name is Pinus Halepensis, but better known for their common name of Aleppo Pine. Pine trees are notorious for their constant shedding but if pruned properly to skin the dead pines out of the tree as it matures, you can actually get these trees to shed very little since they are frost tolerant.  The only shedding that occurs is the old growth that needs removed later as they get tall.

Some of these trees have been getting some stress over the years with pine blight or other insects or diseases. However, if treated properly and maintained over the years by certified Arborists, these trees can be a great solution for our hot summers to create a wonderful micro-climate in your yard. The tree does not have any color bloom or thorns and is a lower water use tree, however, the more you water these, the quicker they do tend to grow.

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