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4 Compelling Health Benefits of Grass in Phoenix

The Health Advantages of Having a Turf in Arizona

#1 Grass traps up to 12 million dust and particulates annually to clean the air.

If you suffer from allergies or if you’re just tired of having unhealthy air around your property, grass is a great solution! 

Check out: http://www.thelawninstitute.org/pages/environment/benefits-of-lawn/air-quality-and-turfgrass/

#2 Grass helps prevent erosion. 

If you find that you have parts of your yard that are constantly suffering from erosion with rain or foot traffic, grass is a fantastic option to prevent erosion throughout your property. 

Check out: https://www.doityourself.com/stry/prevent-erosion-in-your-yard

#3 Grass can cool down your yard by 10-14 degrees compared to concrete!

What other reason do you need for a grass lawn that cools down the temperatures during our very hot summers? Combine this with trees and you can really make a micro-climate in the privacy of your backyard. 

Check out: http://www.thelawninstitute.org/pages/environment/benefits-of-lawn/temperature-modification/

#4 25 sq. ft. of grass produces enough oxygen for 1 person per day.

How cool is it that you have the ability to create large volumes of oxygen nearby to make the air that much more healthy for your family and property?  Very cool! 

Check out: http://www.scienturficsod.com/growing-great-lawns/lawns-and-the-air-that-we-breathe/

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