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Birds Are Eating My Winter Grass Seeds!

Birds Are Eating My Winter Grass Seeds!

Have you planted your winter grass seeds this October and are dealing with lots of birds eating your seed that is on the ground? This is a common problem when scalping and overseeding your yard in the fall.

However, the birds cannot eat nearly enough to make a difference on your new winter lawn. In fact, 99% of the yards we overseed each year are done without any mulch or topper to protect the seed and we never have issues with the birds eating too much of the seed.

Even when we do cover the seed slightly with soil topper, we still have to come back four (4) weeks later to fill in bare areas which usually requires not very much extra seed. Also, the cost of time and the cost of soil topper is much more expensive than adding a few more pounds of seed after most of the lawn has come in.

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