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Torch Glow Bougainvilla Is A Great Shrub For Phoenix

Torch Glow Bougainvilla Is A Great Shrub For Phoenix

This blog is about the torch glow bougainvilla which is the common and botanical name. I would describe these shrubs to look similar to red firecrackers in the sky since they grow shoots with lots of small flowers.

These shrubs usually get to be about 4-6 feet tall and about 3 feet in diameter, but as you can see in this video they can get taller over at the Fletcher Heights Community in the NW Valley of Peoria, AZ.

These shrubs do shed and are not good around pools but any blooming shrub is going to shed and these bloom quite a bit with smaller flowers. These shrubs bloom best in full sun with heavier water and they are evergreen shrubs that can take a frost if it gets really cold and they are in an area where there is heavy wind (or not protected by walls nearby).

These shrubs are very strong and can be cut back in the winter and you will see new growth coming back very quickly.

They use normal watering like the rest of the desert plants that have a drip line to them. We water about an hour daily with a 2 gallon per hour emitter in the summer and only 1-2 times per week in the winter. They are native plants in the zone of 10-11 for plant hardiness.


Is this shrub pet safe? These are classified as mildly toxic for pets and here is a great blog about it:


These shrubs can be trimmed like a shaped hedge or more natural like in this video. My favorite thing about this type of Bougainvilla (Torch Glow) is that they grow less aggressive than the traditional shrub and require much less maintenance with even less leaf shed than the traditional Bougainvillea.

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