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Creative Lawn Design Ideas That Are Easy to Maintain

Sometimes the best thing for your landscape is simplicity. Landscapes with a complex or decorative cosmetic design give wonders, but they can be difficult to maintain. Easy to maintain landscapes are much easier for homeowners.

Easy To Maintain Landscape Ideas

These easily maintained landscapes may or may not save you money, but it could save loads of time during maintenance. If you’re searching for easy to maintain landscapes, review these tips and ideas.

#1 Make Use of Old Outdoor Furniture

Reuse Old Outdoor Furniture

Community benches are essential to commercial business space and community parks. The simplest design for the community benches is the recycled antique benches or benches made from material in the environment.

Find a rock and granite expert who can chisels stone into outdoor accessories and furniture. If you’re trying to save money, take advantage of the low prices in thrift stores.

Once you find a bench, sand it down and paint it. The paint color should complement the environment. Use any outdoor paint for the bench.

To minimize maintenance, use high gloss paint and seal it. However, if the bench is made of metal use spray paint.

#2 Drainage Systems for Easily Maintained Landscapes

French Drain systems are the bread and butter of landscape drainage. Landscape professionals like to install a French Drain system, but this drainage system type requires regular maintenance.

Heavy rains often carry debris that clogs the pipes of French Drains. Clogged French drains are problematic for commercial businesses. They can go unnoticed for months.

Landscaping maintenance services that are hired after French drain installation may find it difficult to diagnose drainage issues, also.

Rock or coarse drainage is a simple and easy method to ensure your landscape drains effectively. It may take some digging to level or slope the ground.

Next, place roofing paper or garden plastic along the pathway of the ditch, runway, etc. Water will run over, under, or in between the rocks. Also, you will notice how rock drainage systems minimize mud and other excess debris.

#3 Easily Maintained Grass Types

different grass types to maintain

Part of building an easily maintained landscape is in the lawn. Some grasses will only grow during mild temperatures while others grow during warmer conditions.

Grasses like Fescue and Rye are beautiful during the Spring and Fall but may not be as durable as Bermuda or Zoysia.

Turf like grasses like Bermuda flourish in color and strength during late Spring and Summer. Warmer temperatures allow it to prosper. In addition, weeds are spotted easily.

Make sure turf grasses have a lot of sun even in the colder months of the year. These grasses turn light brown but are still healthy at the root.

The only maintenance here is weeds. Pull weeds the moment you see them. Stock up on sand to fill the dirt spots to naturally repair splotchy lawn.

#4 Use Modified Wood for Your Outdoor Space

modified wood for outdoor spaces

Decks are a great place to entertain guests or customers, but sometimes they can become a hassle. Whether it’s a backyard patio or an outdoor restaurant space, choosing the right wood is key to maintaining a solid deck.

Thermally modified wood is the perfect for outdoor wood flooring. This type of wood is redefined wood that undergoes a process of chemical treatment, compression, or temperature influence, in order to become more sustainable.

These modifications allow the wood to last longer, while increasing its overall durability.

#5 Maintaining a Garden

how to maintain your garden

The best way to maintain a garden is choosing plants that require the essentials for maintenance (watering and trimming). Evergreen shrubs are low maintenance plants that are great for filling in a garden or lining a walkway or building.

Just because they’re low maintenance, doesn’t mean you should forget about them entirely when you plant them because plants like Boxwoods and Holly Bushes can get out of control.

If you want to add some color, plant a few Chinese Fringes in your garden. They grow like boxwoods and have a magenta color scheme and can bring your landscape to life even in the winter.

Planting various shrubs in a line can create one large hedge over time. Although the maintenance is low and easier to manage, it will take a long time to establish such a design.

#6 Manage Landscape Space

how to manage landscape space better

The most effective tip to creating an easily maintained landscape is spacing. Select designs where you have a considerable amount of lawn and garden space.

A patch of grass that’s three feet wide and four feet long can be an issue. Save your money and expand your garden bed over that patch of grass.

Or perhaps, you have an outdoor deck or patio with small annuals growing around it. Remove the bed and install rocks to ensure water drains away from the area.

The idea is to minimize factors in the landscape that you don’t need. If you’re looking to save money, be sure to consult a landscape professional on what your needs are and your budget for a landscape design.

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