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Top 4 Reasons for Poor Turf in Phoenix

This video is about the top 4 reasons why a home’s turf or grass does not look good in the desert southwest most of the time. We usually see the same issues at properties here in Phoenix, Arizona and we thought this would be a great topic to cover. Here are the top 4 reasons your grass looks spotty, bare or just plain unhealthy and not looking green:

Lack Of Water Or Poor Coverage

We see this when clients are not watering enough for the warm season or there is not good coverage with the sprinklers. Here is a link to our water recommendations: https://azlawns.com/watering. The best way to see if the issue is poor coverage is to run the water and stand in the area that does not look healthy. If you see that area getting less water than green turf areas, then it is a coverage issue. This could mean that you need to move or adjust sprinkler heads or change them out for heads that have better coverage. At AMS Landscaping, we have sprinkler techs that specialize in irrigation repair services and optimizing sprinkler coverage.

Shaded Areas

Shaded areas are the second most common reason we see poor turf growth in the spring and summer months. Winter Rye does much better in the fall and winter when overseeding is done. However, if you do not overseed, you will have trouble keeping these shaded areas under trees and near patios and walls green. We recommend moving patio foundations out with pavers or concrete, where grass does not grow so you can get more use out of your space and prevent poor turf areas.

High Traffic Areas

High traffic areas are hard on grass and turf. If you have dogs that run along a back wall, you will start to see the line in the lawn where they run. If you have a pathway in your yard that you often take to access other parts of your lawn, you may want to install stepping stones or pavers to prevent that traffic area from starting to show. You will also see this around swing sets and playground areas where the kids run around.

Fungus, Disease or Other Outside Influences To The Yard

Other less frequent reasons can occur to you lawn and these issues may require a landscaping professional to diagnose depending on your issue. We try to resolve the problem with the first few issues to see if that is the reason, but if those areas are addressed and you’re still having issues with your turf, we recommend contacting a landscaping professional.

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