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Pruning Bird Of Paradise Shrub In Phoenix

Pruning Bird Of Paradise Shrub In Phoenix

Do you have frost damage at your home or on your Bird of Paradise shrubs that are due to be cut back? Usually, it is time to get these cut backs done after the 15th of February, but try your best to get this done before March 1st. Historically, we get our last frost around the 15th of February but this year (2019) we’ve had an unusually cold late frost, so you may want to wait another week. Native plants can take the cut backs early much better than non-native plants.

First, you will need a pair of lopers to cut back a Bird of Paradise shrub.  You will want to cut back all the branches with leaves that are no longer thriving. You will want to cut back the bush all the way to the stem so that the cuts are healthy. Usually these shrubs grow back again to the size they were the year before and many times larger. You will usually cut back the shrub by about 60%.

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