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Low Maintenance Plant For Phoenix – Firestick Bush

Low Maintenance Plant For Phoenix – Firestick Bush  

This video is about the low maintenance Firestick bush in Phoenix, AZ.  This is the most common name along with Pencil shrub.  The botanical name is Euphorbia Tirucalli – if you want to request this shrub from your local nursery in the desert southwest.

These plants have thick, thornless sticks for branches with no leaves.  These skinny branches are green all year until the fall when the weather cools off.  In November the branches turn bright red on the tips.  This makes it look like the tips are on fire – which is really cool!  There is no shed since they have no leaves and zero thorns, even though it is a succulent.

They start off about six (6) inches tall when you purchase them in a 1-5 gallon bucket at the nursery, but can get huge!  Up to 12 feet tall and wide – like the image at the end of this video.  This shrub does best in full sun but can also grow slowly in partial shade.  It is a very hardy shrub with a hardiness zone of 10-12.

It is a very low water use plant and does not even need to be watered regularly with your irrigation system, however, if it is on the system you will see rapid growth.  It is very low maintenance unless you put it in a smaller area that it overgrows in.  It really doesn’t require much trimming unless the area you place the plant in requires a smaller size.

It is a very poisonous shrub to consume if you were to eat it and the milky sap can be an irritant to your skin, so be careful around this shrub and keep pets away if they like to chew on plants and bushes.

Here is a huge Firestick I came across in Phoenix:

firestick bush in phoenix az


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