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How To Shut Off The Water To Your Landscaping

How To Shut Off The Water To Your Landscaping

Have you’ve been in a position where your drip system or lawn sprinklers won’t shut off?  Not sure which valve to shut off?  This video will show you how to manually turn the water off to your landscaping without shutting off the water to your home.

If you have water that has been running for much longer than the timer is set, the valve may be stuck on a manual run.  This can happen when the timer sent the signal to the solenoid, it was not able to close the diaphragm on the electronic valve.  This is how the water is supposed to shut down with the controller. 

The best way to shut your water off to your landscaping without shutting the water off to your house is to shut off the backflow that is just before the valves to the landscaping.

The easiest way to find the backflow is to start at the water meter to your house. That usually takes you to the shut-off to the whole house, but right before that shut-off is usually a bypass for the backflow which feeds the landscaping separate from the house water supply. 

Here is a previous blog we have about the backflows and what they do to prevent potable water from mixing with non-potable water:


Once you have located the backflow, we recommend turning the levers perpendicular to the pipe to shut the water off to your landscaping until you can either fix the valve or contact a professional to make this repair.

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