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Grow These Orange Jubilees In Phoenix

Grow These Orange Jubilees In Phoenix

Hello! Have you seen these beautiful orange shrubs in your neighborhood or community? I came across these HUGE Orange Jubilees while driving north of Phoenix in Deer Valley. Orange Jubilees are sometimes called Orange Bells and their botanical name is Tecoma alata.

As you will see in my video, they are a tall, fast growing shrub with an orange bell shaped, looking flower. I’ve even seen them bloom yellow flowers and a very cool red flower with orange on the inside. These shrubs start off small but can grow as high as 10-15 feet tall but can be well maintained at 5 feet tall. These Jubilees behind me are providing great coverage for this neighborhood wall and are helping to prevent noise pollution for the homes behind me.

The Orange Jubilee is not deciduous but they do shed their blooms and they may lose their leaves if they are exposed to a heavy frost below 30 degrees. These shrubs do have thorns and they grow and bloom the best when they are exposed to full sunlight and have plenty of room to grow. They will grow in partial sunlight but will grow poorly in full shaded areas. Jubilees require more water in the summer to flourish and do not grow as well during heavy drought conditions if they are not getting the proper amount of water.

They are prone to some insect damage but cutting them back will resolve this issue as they will recover with their rapid growth patterns. Also, try not to plant them in areas that are exposed to heavy winds. Jubilees will take a beating if they are constantly getting whipped around, especially during our summer Monsoon season.

Finally, for you pet owners. The Orange Jubilee is safe for our pets to be around. You can check out the entire list by clicking on this link: Toxic and Non-Toxic Plant List

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