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How To Prevent Weeds With A Licensed Pro!

How To Prevent Weeds With A Licensed Pro!

Are you sick of weeds? Jim Seaton with License 2 Kill Complete Weed & Pest Control is here to talk about pre-emergent and how it works and how it prevents weeds with a 6-month guarantee.  I asked Jim to join me on this video to explain what pre-emergent is from someone who is licensed to apply this product.  Jim is licensed with the AZ Office of Pest Management which is required in order to professionally put down this product.

Arizona License #8812: https://opm.azda.gov/

Pre-emergent is a treatment that is broadcast in a liquid form onto the landscape and bonds with the soil to prevent weed seeds from germinating. This works on both turf and granite areas. We highly recommend it for granite areas since those areas can get weeds quickly and get less attention than turf areas (turf gets mowed every week or two). However, this product works on both turf and granite areas.

Jim’s company, License 2 Kill, charges $150 for up to 11,000 square feet or 1/4 acre and comes with a 6-month warranty against weeds.  So if you get weeds, License 2 Kill will come out at no charge to you to kill the weeds.  Also, we forgot to ask Jim about the post-emergent (Roundup) that is usually mixed with the pre-emergent to also kill existing weeds.  The product Pendulum Aquacap has a yellowish color to show where it is applied and the sun usually burns the color off after 1-2 weeks.  For more information about the actual product, Pendulum Aquacap, here is a link to the label:


For more information about pre-emergent service, please contact Jim with License 2 Kill directly at www.license2kill.com or call him directly at (602) 481-3156 or his office at (480) 231-6130. 

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