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The Baja Fairy Duster: A Great Shrub For Phoenix!

The Baja Fairy Duster: A Great Shrub For Phoenix!

The Baja Fairy Duster shrub (Botanical Name: Calliandra Californica) is a fantastic shrub for your landscaping and for our desert climate in Phoenix, AZ.  It is very hardy and usually doesn’t freeze back until temperatures hit below 20 degrees, which is very rare here in the valley.

It is a medium-sized, dark leaf, thorn-less shrub, with small puffy red blooms that do not shed.  This beautiful shrub gets as tall as 5-feet in height and up to 5-feet in diameter.  It can be maintained and trimmed for a smaller size and shape and is commonly used to block walls or unsightly pipes or cages.

The Baja Fairy Duster is not on the ‘poisonous to pets list,’ so they are great for backyards with pets.  Also, they shed very little which makes them great near pools.  They can be watered along with most other shrubs in your yard.  We recommend watering 2-6 gallons every other day in the summer and once per week in the cooler winter months.

Here is a great link that talks more about this wonderful shrub:


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