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Is Mulch Or Soil Topper Over Winter Rye Seed Beneficial?

Is Mulch Or Soil Topper Over Winter Rye Seed Beneficial?

People often ask me whether or not they need some sort of mulch or soil topper over their winter rye seed after scalping.  At AMS Landscaping, we recommend going without any topper for your seed.  The main reason is the cost!  We can actually put 2-3 times the amount of seed for a fraction of the cost to put down a mulch topper.

Many Phoenix homeowners are concerned about birds eating the newly planted winter rye seed.  To address their concerns, we will actually put down a heavier coat of seed and your lawn will still have fantastic results for a much lower cost.

The only reason we would recommend using a mulch topper would be to decrease the germination time to get your lawn ready about one (1) week sooner.  We noticed that without a mulch topper, you can probably mow your winter lawn in about four (4) weeks.   If you decide to put down a mulch topper, you should be able to mow in approximately three (3) weeks.

So if you’re going to have a surprise Halloween party at your house at the end of October, you may want to consider putting a topper down, otherwise, I would pass and save the extra dough.  Finally, if you plant late in the season and the nighttime temperatures are in the 50s or lower, you will need to put down a mulch topper.

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