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Do It Yourself Way to Kill And Prevent Weeds At Your Local Lowes Or Home Depot

This video explains what we recommend at AMS Landscaping to buy to both kill and prevent weeds for 6 months.  We went to a local Lowes Hardware store to show you exactly what to buy and will share the links on this blog if you want to purchase online.  We recommend concentrated Roundup or something similar that you can follow the label to mix at home.  We recommend the concentrated over the pre-mixed product that comes with a sprayer because we find it is less effective in killing weeds.  When killing weeds you need to use a product that will kill all the way through to the root so that the weed or grass does not come back.  Less effective products may kill the weed but if the root doesn’t die you will be dealing with the problem again soon.   Here are the links below to make these purchases or you can go into your store and speak to the local garden assistant;

Concentrated Roundup Plus 35.2 weed and grass killer (PLEASE FOLLOW THE LABEL)

1 gallon plastic tank sprayer to use with the Roundup product

Now to prevents seeds from germinating and growing more weeds in the future, we recommend for you to purchase a homeowner version of pre-emergent which is the product that will prevent seeds from germinating for 6 months which is how weeds grow in the first place.

Monterey 16 oz Weed Impede Concentrated Pre-emergent  (PLEASE FOLLOW THE LABEL)

ORTHO .25 Gallon Plastic Tank Sprayer to apply the pre-emergent product

We highly recommend not skipping the pre-emergent application after you treat the existing weeds (we recommend waiting 7 days after spraying existing weeds to make sure they are dead first).  If you decide that this is not something you are comfortable doing yourself please contact AMS Landscaping so we can put you in touch with a licensed spray technician that can apply a commercial grade product on your property with a 6 month warranty against weeds.  This warranty is honored parts and labor so there is no cost to you if weeds come back within the warranty period to spray.

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