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DIY – Pre-emergent video


Keep Weeds Away Forever By Using This Product (DIY)

This video blog is “How To Prevent Weeds Forever” by using homeowner versions of commercial grade products from your local Bug & Weed Mart here in Phoenix;


We recommend finding a local shop that focuses on bugs and/or weeds since they will be able to help you first hand with using all of these products better than a local Lowe’s or Home Depot.  However if you don’t have a local store like this in your city you can purchase the products we used in this video online;

Monterey Weed Impede (pre-emergent product)

Chapin hose end sprayer

This product will need to be applied every 6 months to keep weeds away forever and it is very important to follow the label with all of these products.   This product is made to ONLY prevent weeds so we will want to make sure that you have first killed off all of your weeds before applying this product.

First of all we want to make sure that you are protecting yourself with pants and a long sleeve shirt.  You will then want to make sure you have protective eye-wear, gloves & something to cover your face.

1. Then you can open the hose end plastic tank sprayer.
2.  Fill the tank with the pre-emergent product you pick up.
3. Adjust the hose end sprayer per label application rate.(must read label)
4. Then apply the product to the yard so there is not much overspray
5. Keep chemical away from plants and hardscape & walks.
6. Make sure color of chemical is coming out with color.
7. Get the chemical to cover all the areas where you want to prevent weeds.

Keep in mind that this chemical prevents the germination of seeds from growing and last up to 6 months or 6″ of rain so if you apply it to turf areas the regular watering schedule will prevent the product from working as long.  This product will not harm plants or roots since it is only for germination of seed.  If you plan on planing anything with seeds it will not work in these areas.

Although AMS Landscaping is not licensed to apply this product down we have licensed subcontractors that work with us to apply this service with a commercial grade product that comes with a 6 month guarantee against broad-leaf weeds.

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