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Monthly Yard Service Still Requires Weed Prevention Treatment

This video blog is about the importance of putting down a protective layer of pre-emergent down to prevent weeds when you only have landscaping service once per month. Pre-emergent acts like a birth control for weeds by spraying a protective layer of treatment on the ground that will not allow seeds to germinate.

This does not impact the roots or leaves of any onsite or future shrubs or trees or even turf since it only prevents seeds from starting out their new growth. This is important for homeowners that may not have a lawn but still have monthly service to keep the yard clean and maintained.

However, if we here at AMS Landscaping service on a Monday and there is rain the following Wednesday, the weeds can grow to be pretty large in the next 3 and half weeks before we are onsite again to address these weeds. Sometimes clients do not understand how weeds can get so bad between visits.

That is the largest reason we recommend this pre-emergent product to be put down whenever you have monthly service.

We also recommend to put this product down when you have weekly or even 2 week service if weeds really both you. This product is so fantanstic that weeds never grow between visits and comes with a 6 month warranty against broadleaf weeds. We have contractors that are licensed to apply this product for our existing clients.

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