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Why It Is Important To Remove Cables From Tree Staking

Tree staking is vital when first planting a tree here in Phoenix so that the young trunk of the tree is not damaged from a storm or any high winds.  See this blog on how to properly stake a tree if that is what you are looking for:


However, too often we run into issues years after the tree has been staked with cables or wiring.  This is called tree girdling, it’s when the tree trunk grows around any cabling or wires that were used to stake the tree.  After a few years tree staking should not be necessary if you want the tree to be healthy.   Its much like raising children, if you have to keep staking it beyond a few years, the tree will not be able to live a healthy self sufficient life.   Therefore many times we see examples like this video we took of an elm tree in the NW valley where the wires were left on the tree and the trunk just grew around it.  This is unhealthy for the tree and can prevent strength in the trunk for the future.  Here at AMS Landscaping we say that once the tree trunk is larger than the tree stakes you should remove the stakes and cabling altogether.  We sometimes hear folks try to use stakes and cabling to control how or which direction the tree grows but we do not recommend this either, For the most optimum health and strength for a tree you should allow the tree to grow its natural path, even if it isnt a straight path.  Also when trees are larger and mature we also do not recommend cabling them because you are just putting a bandaid on a LARGER situation that could later cause more grief once the tree gets much bigger.  If you have any more landscaping related questions please contact AMS Landscaping at azlawns.com.

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