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When Should Trees Be Trimmed For Monsoons?

The official date is June 15 here in Phoenix for the monsoon season. It’s also the month that you want to have all your palm trees trimmed. Historically, we used to predict our monsoon season after three (3) consecutive days with a dew point above 50%, but Arizona changed that to help us prepare for the season on a more consistent basis. Palms always need the blooms cut off and they start in late May and will need cut back in June before they start dropping and leaving a mess. Also the windy monsoon season may cause tree damage so having your trees thinned out will lighten the branches up and give the wind a path to flow through the tree instead of catching the tree like a sale. Because of this many arborists and tree contractors get overwhelmed in the month of June. We highly recommend contacting your arborist today to get on the schedule before the June rush.

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