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Can We Transplant Our Tree Or Shrub?

This video blog is about transplanting trees or shrubs here in Phoenix.  Most of the time we try to discourage transplanting for our clients here at AMS Landscaping for 2 reasons.

  1. The cost to transplant is usually more costly than purchasing a new tree or shrub.
  2. The likeliness that the tree or shrub will not survive.

(some smaller cactus and succulents are an exception to this rule since they are usually much easier to transplant with minimal roots to damage)

Because the tree or shrub roots will likely be damaged when transplanting and the labor cost alone makes it very difficult to justify the work when we cannot guarantee results unless you use a transplanting company.

Now if the tree is rare or really mature you may want to consider hiring a specialty company like Native Resources International that specializes in tree and plant salvaging and relocation.  They will be able to move and box any plant material but because they usually are contracted to move large quantities with large tractors and equipment their minimum cost to move something is $2000.  At that cost you can usually move a very large tree with minimal damage to the roots with the equipment they use.  Here is their contact information;

Native Resources International
(623) 869-6757

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