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The Cape Honeysuckle Shrub in Phoenix

The Cape Honeysuckle shrub (Tacoma Caopensis)  is a great desert shrub for the Arizona climate. This shrub has a small dark leaf that grows thick and dense to make a great shrub or hedge.  It has a beautiful orange flower that blooms throughout the year and most examples grow to be about 3-9 feet in height. 

They can be purchased and upright shrubs or even as a vine in some cases. They are fast growing and need moderate maintenance and do best in full sun. 

They are evergreen all year round and can tolerate frost but once below 28 degrees they will get frost damage.  These shrubs do require moderate to heavy watering in the beginning but can be trained to require less water after about a year. 

However the more green and lush you prefer the look of this shrub will depend on the amount of water it is given.  Here is our recommended watering for our climate;

This shrub is native to South Africa and can handle tough acidic or alkaline soils but does need good drainage.  What is special about this shrub is that it is non-allergenic and is great for hummingbirds and can be planted around pools since they do not shed heavy.  We also love to make privacy hedges with this shrub or block AC units or just your block walls.

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