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Late October Heat Can Challenge Overseeding

Late October Heat Can Challenge Your Winter Lawn After It is Established.

On the 23rd of October in 2003 we hit a record of the latest day in October to hit over 100 degrees and there were a few consecutive days at this temperature that really posed a problem for overseeding.  I recall this season because when we have a late heatwave this can be very challenging for your winter lawn.  The full sun areas that usually are thriving by now will start to die out as it did that month in 2003.  Because we are having record weather each year over the past few years I bring this up so that we can be prepared for future record heat waves that may give us the same results.   We also had another record day on October 27th in 2017 when we had a single day record of 100.

See this AZCentral article;


We bring this up in this crazy year of 2020 because we have had record heat this summer with over 50 days above 110 degrees with no rain. We wanted to plant the seed to let locals know what to expect if the weather heats up late in the month after the winter lawn is established.

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