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Why Do I Get Weeds When I Have Yard Service?

Why Weeds?

Do you have regular landscape maintenance at your home here in the greater Phoenix area? 

Most of the time, the yard looks great between visits – at certain times of the year more than others.

Over the years we have noticed that at the beginning of springtime, after the first rain of that season, the weeds grow so much faster than other times of the year, and we get many calls wondering if we are servicing differently. 

This happens because many of the dormant seeds were not able to germinate until the warmer weather and a little rain. 

This combination causes the perfect conditions for weeds that can grow up to 2-3 feet in height in a matter of a couple of weeks. It seems shocking to most but over and over again we see this each year. 

Because of this phenomenon, we really try to prevent this from happening by recommending a pre-emergent application that will prevent the seeds from germinating with a 6 month guarantee.

How Pre-Emergent Herbicide Works

Overgrown weeds in lawn.
Pre-emergent herbicide works by creating a chemical barrier in the top layer of soil that coats seeds and prevents broadleaf weeds from growing.


This treatment must be applied by a certified licensed applicator and it is safe for plants and trees. The product also works for up to 6 months on desert landscapes and most companies offer a 6 month warranty.

So even if you have a lawn and garden service at your home you still may get weeds between services, because we are treating only the existing weeds that are currently growing. 




Post emergents like Roundup can be applied only on the green of the leaf so it can effectively kill the weeds all the way down to the roots.

This can really be a concern if you only have service once per month, since after a rain you can have weeds grow very quickly and look like a service may have been skipped.  


That is why here at AMS Landscaping we require pre-emergent for clients that have service only once per month.


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