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Is Your Winter Lawn Coming in Spotty?

Is Your Winter Lawn Coming in Spotty? 

Are you finding that your winter lawn is coming in spotty in areas?  We find there are several reasons for this.  We find that the perennial rye areas come in more quickly in shaded areas than full sun areas.  That doesn’t mean that the full sun areas won’t fill in, we just find that it takes a little longer for those areas to look thick and lush.  There are other reasons that may cause spotty grass as well and you need to make certain that these items are addressed as well;

  1. Poor coverage with sprinkler system

  2. Pooling water will prevent germination

  3. High traffic areas (like maybe caused from pets)

Also you will want to fill in bare areas with more seed 3-4 weeks after the original planting.  We also recommend that you put down a very thin layer of soil topper or mulch when adding this seed to assist in the germination process more quickly.

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