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Rain Bird Sprinkler Timer ESP-TM2

Rain Bird Wi-Fi Sprinkler Timer Sale (ESP-TM2)

We are offering $100 off any of the RainBird ESP-TM2 Wi-Fri Sprinkler Controllers.  This is a great time to update your sprinkler timer with a state of the art wi-fi controller that gives you the ability to operate the timer with an app from your phone.  What makes these Rain Bird timers so great is that they can be adjusted from both the timer and your phone app unlike some of the other wifi timers in the market.  These are both easy to use and are commercial grade quality.  Here are the prices for the different timers depending on how many zones you have at your home;

4 station RainBird ESP-TM2 w/ Wi-Fi module $595 ($495 thru 1/31/22)

6 station RainBird ESP-TM2 w/ Wi-Fi module $695 ($595 thru 1/31/22)

12 station RainBird ESP-TM2 w/ Wi-Fi module $895 ($795 thru 1/31/22)

Here is a great video blog we created about these timers last year.


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