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Are Neighbor’s Trees Hanging Over Your Property Line?

Are Neighbor’s Trees Hanging Over Your Property Line?

Do you have a neighbors tree or bushes that are encroaching on your property?  Maybe there is a large/heavy branch that is growing over your home and you are worried about the damage it may cause or maybe you just have trees that are shedding close to your pool and you can’t get your neighbor to trim or remove the tree.  This video is about what your options are regarding overgrowth onto your property.

We have come across this many times when we work with homeowners that are trying to resolve issues that come up with trees or shrubs that cause a mess or safety.  The rule is that you are allowed to trim any tree or shrub branches that overgrow onto your property line without harming the vegetation.  The cost cannot be reimbursed by the owner of the tree but permission is not needed either.  We feel that it is best to communicate with neighbors to keep relationships strong but at the end of the day you are responsible for anything that grows onto your property.  Here is a link from a great website that describes this legal rule under the subject line “Trees maintenance along property lines”



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