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5 Watering Landscaping Watering Tips

If you live here in the Phoenix area you may wonder about watering and have questions about watering your property in our desert climate.  We have put together 5 tips for questions we often get about watering your landscape.  Many of these tips came from the Arizona Landscape Contractors Association here in the valley which always promotes optimum watering and best practices here in Phoenix.


  1. Leveraging the natural water we get when it rains.  Whenever it rains we recommend turning your watering system completely off for at least 24 hours.

  2. Frequency matters, we prefer a deeper watering less frequently.  If you can we like skipping watering days with longer run times to get a deeper water cycle to your landscaping.  This helps for both turf, trees and plants since you are promoting deeper roots for a healthier landscape.

  3. Be sure to get at least ½” of water during each watering session, this can sometimes be challenging if you have lots of run off or hills to water.  In those cases we recommend multiple watering times per day to get as much water on the areas so they have time to absorb it.

  4. Best time to water is 4am to 9am since there is less heat for water absorption but also it is best if you water a little closer to 8 or 9am in the winter since frost can be harsh on turf as well.

  5. Different areas of your lawn may require different watering times.  Full sun areas will require longer watering times than full shade areas.  Also plants that are in areas that have more sun may require more watering run time than plants that get less sun and heat reflection.


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