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You have many fantastic options for landscaping around the trees on your property. You do not have to deal with the bare soil because it is the least flattering, and the soil tends to blow off onto other parts of the property. The tree becomes difficult to mow, and the roots become vulnerable to environmental damage. It is common for landscapers and homeowners to forget about the spot around the trees because it looks natural and natural to the environment.

Safe ways to landscape around trees

Trees are incredibly sensitive to any damage to the roots or barks. Many trees at home have shallow roots and therefore require careful landscaping in Arizona. Hiring a professional to install the right fixtures and care for the area is a better option because they understand the exact growth dynamics of each tree.

How we will landscape around your trees

Install garden accents

A few garden accents around the tree will fill a space and maintain a natural element. Our options of decorative you can add around the tree include lights, small containers, mulch, or small shrub plants to fill up the bare soil. These additions make the tree a focal point and enhance their health for the long haul.  

Options of garden accents


An accomplished landscaper will add a couple of inches of compost to give the plant a natural healthy floor. Mulch retains moisture and ensures the plants have the best longevity. This process is best for the spring season of every year because the weather can tolerate a manageable working condition.

Include the border of the base while adding mulch, to foster uniformity for cohesive landscaping in Arizona. An edge also keeps all additions intact and makes it easy to mow around the surrounding grass. We can take it a notch further by creating a border of wood or metal. The latter, however, requires more time to carefully craft out the edge and install uniform sizes of materials.

Choosing plants

We will consider using plants that spread fast and can give a blanket cover to the ground. Here is what we will consider while selecting the best plant:

  • Plants like Ivy can spread outside the tree base and invade the entire compound
  • Variations that can withstand drought because they will not receive the full amount of light
  • A priority on the greenery to five the best aesthetics for your yard
  • Small-sized plants are a better option because they will not suffocate the tree’s roots and consume much of the shared nutrients. They also adapt better to a small space and are less likely to experience a stagnant growth phase

The possibilities of tree landscaping in Arizona are endless when you work with AMS. Make a list of your favorite plants and let us figure out how they will fit into your landscape. You can also opt to make gradual additions so you can carefully evaluate how they merge with your existing landscaping. Our gardeners are happy to give you extra tips to sustain a heavenly compound. Call us today if you want the best landscaping service near you.



landscaping in Arizona
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