MP Rotator Sprinkler Head Offer

Do you have pressure problems with your sprinklers at home?  Maybe you have high water bills due to unexpected higher water usage for your lawn?  Maybe you’re sick of seeing water running down the street or puddling in one area too much.

We are offering a sale to replace your existing popup sprinkler heads with MP Rotators;

6 MP Rotators for $190 (20% off thru 1/31/2020)

The MP Rotator Sprinkler will help with that!  These sprinkler heads can replace your existing pop up spray heads, but use 30% less of the amount of water to treat your grass.  On average, traditional sprinkler heads use about seven (7) gallons per minute and MP Rotators use only about two (1-2) gallons per minute.  You will need to water for longer run cycles but will see water usage go down while improving lawn coverage.  The reason this is so great is that the ground has more time to absorb the water and this prevents pooling or rushing water.  Even if you have an older system these heads can resolve many coverage issues with how they work.

It is also fantastic if you are having pressure issues with a watering zone, because you will get better efficiency on each zone with MP Rotators.  MP Rotators stand out with their 4-5 individual streams rotating at different lengths in order to get the best coverage in their surrounding areas.  Traditional sprinkler heads only spray directly away and you will actually need overlapping sprays in order to water grassy areas directly in front of the sprinkler head.  Because of this, you will find that the bare spots that would not normally get water will get better coverage and fill in your lawn areas more thoroughly.

See this video from Hunter Irrigation that better explains the sprinkler heads:

The best way to get a quick free estimate scheduled is to go to this link on our website; and mention the 6 MP Rotators for $190 offer (20% off thru 1/31/2020)


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