Poly Line Replacement Sale Going On Now!

Poly Line Replacement Sale Going On Now!

Have you ever been in the middle of a repair on your 1/2″ polyurethane line (poly line) that runs your drip system?  Only to find that the pipe is old and brittle from years being under the Phoenix, AZ heat? Often times when you make a repair to the poly line, you find that just a few feet or even inches away another leak starts!

At AMS Landscaping, we find after about 10 or more years on a drip irrigation system, this poly line needs to be completely replaced. In most cases we will replace the entire front or back yard poly line, spaghetti line, and emitter to each plant along with one (1) valve and up to 200 feet of line (and up to 40 trees and/or plants) for $1295.

However, for this entire winter, we are going to offer this service for only $995 through the end of January 2020. This service is for one (1) station in a front or back yard.  Some properties may require more poly line or if any sleeves or special accommodations may cost additional.

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