Replacing Your Drip Line Irrigation in Phoenix

This video is our team replacing a drip line irrigation in a Phoenix back yard. When this main 1/2″ poly line gets old after about 20 years you will see it start to get brittle and break more frequently, so we will usually recommend replacing these lines completely.

We start by digging up the valve box to access the valve if needed at first. We cut off the old line and dig a 3-4″ trench through the main part of the yard that will give access to run a drip to each plant. We then run small spaghetti drip lines from this main poly line to each plant and end it with a drip emitter to control the water quantity. Once this is done you can cover all of the main line.  We usually like to keep the small poly line with emitter exposed so we can see that it is watering.

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