Lawn & Landscaping Services


New Trees Installed
New Bushes Shrubs or Cactus
New Annual Flowers
Sprinkler Repair & Installation
New Timers & Valves
New Sod or Seeding
New or Rejuvenate Gravel/granite
New Decorative Concrete Curbing
Rip Rap & River Rock


Any Cutting Back
Cleaning and Clearing
Removal Services
Hauling Away Debris, Piles, or Trash


Any Repair or Revision to Sprinklers
Drips or Bubblers

Gravel Care

Leaf Shed Cleanup
Weed Control
Grass Removal

Keeping your lawn at its best condition is the main goal of AMS. Our company provides unmatched lawn care services in Phoenix, AZ, Scottsdale, AZ, and the entire valley, as we strive to address our clients’ needs. We have professional landscapers who are always ready to help keep your yard looking great, whether you need to maintain your turf smooth or keep those weeds at bay.

Every property has different maintenance needs, which is why we take time evaluating your yard before getting to work. We can also provide a detailed plan indicating all stages of our landscape maintenance services so you will know what to expect once we’re finished. Our team will take pictures and send you an estimate. We also provide suggestions to keep your yard in good condition, from clean-ups, repairs, to irrigation.