$50 Off Winter Overseeding Installation!!

$50 Off Winter Overseeding when signing up for 2 week service.

Do you want a green lawn this winter for the holidays?  Don’t miss out on having a green lawn this winter here in Phoenix when the weather is the absolute best.  If you miss the window of time to have your summer lawn scalped and seeded you will not have the opportunity to enjoy this great green lawn at your home.  Here at AMS Landscaping we are offering $50 off this winter lawn overseeding service when signing up for routine  1 or 2 week maintenance.  We guarantee results of your winter lawn and will maintain everything from start to end with your watering schedule and complete service of your entire yard.  We can even get you an instant estimate right over the phone or if you fill out the online form on our website at azlawns.com without ever having to go onsite to your property.  We use online tools to measure the square footage and can calculate the cost and send you the estimate over in writing.  This offer goes on now through October 15th, 2020.

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