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The Arizona Landscape Contractors’ Association has developed HOA lawn and landscape maintenance tips and welcomes you to share them with your HOA Boards and Community Managers. We hope you find the information below helpful for planting the right trees in the right places for your lawn.

That cute potted pine tree with a red bow you got at Costco sure looks festive in your foyer over the holidays, but what do you do with it come the New Year? You find a spot in the back yard, right? What most don’t realize is this small three foot tall tree can easily become a 50’ giant, taking up valuable real estate, especially if planted in the wrong place. So what do we consider a ‘right place’ when planting trees? Here are a few considerations to make before committing to any tree species:

· Tree use: do you want afternoon shade, create a screen from an unsightly structure or a noise barrier? What about seasonal color? Identifying the tree’s purpose will ensure the tree has a role on your property.
· Mature size: is there enough space for the tree to thrive, both above and below ground? Root space is just as important as canopy space. Planting in too small of space can shorten the life of a tree, or potentially require an expensive removal.
· Growth habit: does it grow upright or have an umbrella canopy? Will you be forced to prune the tree into unnatural shapes to get it to ‘fit’ into a space? Just because it appears upright when you buy it doesn’t mean it will continue to grow in this manner.
· Thriving factor: is the exposure appropriate for the species? Too much or not enough light? Also consider reflective light and heat and how this may impact the tree. It also may be too hot or cold or too wet or dry for some tree species in your area. Research thoroughly before selecting and ask your nurseryman to help choose what’s appropriate.
· Utility lines: select a plant that will never grow anywhere near the height or width to get close to a utility line. Do you have utility lines on your property? Consider planting a shrub instead, or perhaps a small patio tree.

While considering all these issues for determining the best place to plant a tree, you also want to think about how this tree will eventually impact the surrounding area. How will shrubs that were once in full sun now adapt to the new dense shade the tree provides? Will the Bermudagrass suffer once the tree matures? Also consider if the tree will potentially have negative impacts on your property’s infrastructure: some trees have aggressive roots and can lift walls, sidewalks or grow into sewer lines. These are all great questions to ask your landscape professional before planting any tree on your property. It is best to research thoroughly before digging, after all, this could potentially be a 100+ year commitment, or a 3 year commitment if you plant that Christmas tree in your patio home’s courtyard.

We hope you find these lawn care and landscaping tips helpful.  For additional information about finding the right tree service in Phoenix, AZ, please call AMS Landscaping at (602) 944-0421.

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