This video blog is about how and what we do here at AMS Landscaping regarding plant, trees, bushes and shrubs when it comes to maintenance.  We maintain all trees and shrubs up to about 8-10 feet by either trimming, pruning, shearing or just shape them depending on the plant material.  We keep all plant and trees maintained on a 4-8 week cycle.  We do this by trimming the yard in sections so it can be clearly seen what area of the yard is maintained and so that not every tree and shrub is trimmed each service.  In the winter months we will cut back frost damage or to prevent mold.  We also can fertilize any plants or trees and we also install plants and trees for existing customers.  We are also familiar with NAOS areas which stands for Natural Area Open Space for communities or cities that require special attention as seen in this online brochure;

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