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Our Mission and
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AMS Landscaping Mission and Core Values

Our mission is to keep yards enjoyable.

How? This is achieved through landscaping services that are superior to our competitors in every way, to create value within the community and for our business.

AMS Landscaping will achieve this by treating all of its customers, employees and partners as equal stakeholders.

Our core values and what they mean to us:

  1. Positive & Responsive, we try our best to bring positive energy to make doing our job enjoyable and being responsive to our customers and ourselves so that we always know where we stand at all times.  Mistakes do happen and handling them with positive energy in a quick and responsive manner is what is important to us.

  2. Keeping Our Promises, this is important because so many contractors do not follow through and do what they say they can do.  We promise that we know what we are capable of doing and finishing what we started all the way to the end.  This seems so obvious but so many times we take over properties where the landscaper just disappeared without any communication.

  3. Demonstrate Respect, we want our team to treat every customer like they are on a working interview at all times.  We always want to put our best foot forward and expect the same for our customers.

  4. Exceed Expectations, we here at AMS Landscaping want to make certain that even the little things are handled each week.  From making sure that toys and trash get picked up to also putting things back like lawn furniture and door mats.

  5. Taking Ownership, is key to keeping our team aligned with the goals of our customers and the goals for the company.  We have the mindset of extreme ownership from start to finish and will stay to the end to make things right.

If you have any landscaping questions, please contact AMS Landscaping at (602) 944-0421.

If you would like to see some current pictures of our work please click azlawns.com/pics.

We also offer many other landscaping services and offer great tips and offers on our Blog, Facebook and YouTube pages.

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