Our Reviews

AMS Landscaping has held a terrific reputation over the past 40+ years.  Since the internet boom, we’ve taken advantage of the many review websites that are available for potential customers to see what our current customer base is saying about our service.

You’ll notice we have 5 star reviews across the board and many testimonials posted on each of the sites listed below.  See why so many customers enjoyed our service and keep coming back!

Big enough to handle the job, small enough to care.

AMS customer list consists of 50% residential accounts with the remaining 50% consisting of Homeowner Associations and commercial accounts. AMS is well versed in the needs of the consumer and can be very flexible when it comes to building an agreement that meets everyone’s needs. The customer service they provide is second to none. AMS is responsive to their clients concerns and deal with them immediately. Communication is one of the most important things in business and they pride themselves in learning more ways to better improve their business of landscaping.

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