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Ever wonder what is included in gravel care and what does it mean? This blog explains what services and details that are included in those services. First off, 80% of what we do is actually gravel care since there is so much granite and gravel in the valley. At least 25% of our client base ONLY has granite in their yard and no grass but these properties still need to be clean and maintained. To keep gravel and rock clean, we first address weeds and grass by cutting them down and treating them with chemical or removing them by hand if they are large enough to pull the entire root ball out. We can treat rock areas with pre-emergent to prevent weeds from growing with a 6 month guarantee (AMS uses a licensed company to apply this product). We also blow and rake granite areas to clean all leaf and landscape debris away and keep the rocks groomed nicely. In some cases we can add rock to bare areas to fill in areas that are exposing the dirt or soil where granite should be.

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