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Phoenix Landscaper Maintenance Checklist

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AMS Landsaping Crew Checklist

Do you ever wonder how a local Phoenix landscaper keeps their day in order?

Any good landscaping crew will have a detailed checklist to follow every day.

Please check out the AMS Landscaping maintenance crew foreman checklist below.

Landscaping Crew Foreman Checklist

Pre-Step —> Check SA App for special notes and route directions to job (confirm budget time)

Step 1: Knock on door to check in upon arrival
Step 2: Walk the property and determine what needs to be done
Step 3: Run drip system while onsite during the service
Step 4: Address what needs to be done, make notes and choose section for trimming
Step 5: Advise team on who does each task
Step 6: Trim section of plants and trees if applicable
Step 7: Cut tall weeds
Step 8: Clean up trimmed section
Step 9: Blow all granite and debris into piles for pick up or into lawn
Step 10: Mow and edge all turf (if large turf area this step can be started after Step 1)
Step 11: Spray weeds with chemical
Step 12: Blow all walks, patios and driveways
Step 13: Check water and look for leaks
Step 14: Check gates
Step 15: Take pictures of issues and concerns that need reported to homeowner
Step 16: Check out of job and send checklist or invoice

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