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Benefits of Organic Lawn Care in Phoenix AZ

Many, but not all, lawn care service companies in Phoenix are beginning to offer some kind of organic service or products. Some service providers are even going organic exclusive only. It’s becoming a big market and is expected to get even bigger over the next few years. We do offer organic options for our customers. I’d like to discuss the benefits of organic lawn care in Phoenix AZ.

One of the most common questions asked is whether or not organic lawn care is as effective or more effective than our traditional lawn care service. Of course opinions will vary and most data suggests that it is but in a different way.

There are four main objectives to consider when switching to organic lawn care or organic fertilzation for your lawn:

  • Maintain the health of your soil
  • Eliminate use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers
  • Increase landscape diversity
  • Improve the health of your family and nature’s surroundings

The health of your soil is the main objective. According to NOFA, soil tests and site analysis allow lawn care professionals to implement practices that improve soil vitality—and thereby enable the soil to support a vigorous plant community. NOFA says this “feed the soil” principle is used to benefit plant health, not artificially stimulate plant growth. Thus, unnecessary applications of any fertilizer or soil amendment are to be avoided.

In addition, the traditional model of “feed it, spray it, kill it”, perhaps, could be replaced by a model of “feed it as necessary, nurture it”. To that end, the overarching goal of an organic-based approach is to focus on all of the steps in a year-long program, collectively, to help change site conditions in such a way that leaves the site less susceptible to weed, disease or insect infestation—and less in need of control products such as pesticides.

Organic lawn care service is still very unique and not top of mind with a lot of homeowners in Phoenix. If you have questions or want to request additional information, please call (602) 944-0421 or click on the button below.

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