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How To Shut-Off and Test Backflow For Phoenix Residents

Shutting off the backflow is to turn the water off to the sprinklers and landscape water only. Backflow, or vacuum breaker, prevents non-drinking water from mixing with drinking water which can be unhealthy and make families sick which is why these are required for most City codes in Phoenix, AZ.

These usually run directly from the main shut off water line to the house. However, sometimes this is not always the case. The backflow usually has levers on both sides that can be turned perpendicular to the pipe to shut the water off. This is usually needed to be done when the valve is stuck on and will not turn off with the timer and you still want water to the house.

Please note, we don’t recommend shutting off the lower of the two handles unless it is necessary. When you shut off the water and turn it back on, a surge of water can cause an unexpected leak. The shut-off handle is solely for the purpose of having a leak before or between the two shut-off handles. For example, if water is leaking out from under that “Bell,” that would be the right situation to turn off the lower handle.

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