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A Guide To Palo Verde Trees In Phoenix

The Palo Verde tree is the State Tree of Arizona and they usually refer to the Blue & Foothills Palo Verde trees that grow naturally in our hot desert.  The most popular hybrid version of this tree is the Desert Museum and Sonoran Emerald Palo Verde tree.  Hybrid versions of the Palo Verde tree have less shedding of the yellow blooms and are also thornless and muli-trunk.  All Palo Verde trees are pretty frost tolerant during the winter months and the hybrids get to be about 25-30 feet tall and usually have about a 25 foot canopy at maturity.  Some varieties have seed pods that they drop.  They require full sun and are low water use, however, we try to get 6-12 gallons every 3 days on them during the growing months depending on the temperature outside.   It is best to have a separate valve/zone on the trees but if it is watered with the plants please water more frequent but make sure there are 2-3 emitters on each tree.

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